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Meet Tracey Derrick, free spirit and acclaimed South African photographer who for decades has created extraordinary photographs revealing the intimate, sacred spaces of others. Then, out of the blue, as a single mom in her 40’s, Tracey’s life is turned upside down and a diagnosis of breast cancer propels her into two life changing Leaps of Faith.

Our story explores Tracey’s deepest instincts of natural healing and her decision to have chemotherapy. Then Tracey decides to become her own subject, placing herself in front of the camera and powerfully chronicling her experiences. She describes her photographic collection as ‘My Year as a Statistic’ and creates a much discussed, unique exhibition called ‘The 1 in 9 Project’, which has reshaped the way thousands of people view the disease.

Today, Tracey embraces her life and work with added sensitivity. The artist, mother and friend has come to appreciate life’s nuances and unpredictability first hand, as well as the beauty of life itself.

Don’t miss this challenging and inspiring episode, illustrating the power of changing your life - for the benefit of those you love.

Tracey Derrick’s work can be viewed on her website

Listen to Tracey and Lisa Chait, our series host, chatting on radio

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