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Meet Funeka Soldaat, community activist and founder of Freegender who came to Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town, in search of a better life. What must it have been like to live as an out and proud lesbian thirty years ago, and to have travelled that journey right until today?

Funeka’a Leap of Faith followed an horrific corrective rape. She was targeted because of her sexual choices and community activism. As they raped her, her attackers said, “We knew we would get you one day”. And they did, never to be caught. Funeka Soldaat’s story shares the personal and public realities of life in South Africa’s township’s for a woman who loves women. The dangers, the attitudes and the rare spaces of acceptance.

Join this episode as we meet a remarkable woman. A woman challenging the belief that homosexuality is ‘un-African’. Witness how she refused to be cowered before and after her attack. Connect with her gentleness and humour and open your heart to a very real world just on your doorstep.

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