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What happens when you’ve gone as deep as you can go with one breath, with doing everything yourself and constantly being in control? How deep do you have to go before you are forced to let go? Before something breaks and the only way is up.

This episode takes us into the life journey of Hanli Prinsloo, South African freediving champion and founder of I Am Water Trust. Join us as we travel deep into the ocean watching Hanli as she swims like a mermaid holding her breath for more than 6 minutes and diving a record 65m.

Hanli’s Leap of Faith drew her out of her beloved ocean, forcing her to confront realities on land and learn to live as elegantly on land as she does deep within the oceans she so loves.

This episode features magnificent underwater footage and stills, locating Hanlie in the majestic ocean depths. Dancing with seals and other aquatic life.

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