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Thirty something adventurer and businesswoman Huenu Solsona has everything made. A champion snow-skier and founder of a successful South African exercise franchise, she is living her dreams.

The accidental death of her brother Pablo, followed by a twenty five day stretch on a desert Island challenges Huenu to make some deep decisions about how she wants to live her life. She bravely decides to transform her internal landscape, watching carefully that she does not give up on whom she really is. Witness her courage and determination as she embraces what her mother proudly affirms. That ‘the real adventure is the adventure inside’.

This episode shares unique footage of Huenu’s desert Island experience, explores the love between a brother and a sister and Huenu and Pablo’s spiritual connection beyond the material world. Witnesses Huenu’s frank and illuminating story as she candidly reveals her greatest dreams and heartfelt desires and teaches us what it takes to truly live life to the limit.

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