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Gabrielle Lubowski grew up in the former South West Africa, now known as Namibia. She was an overprotected child with little resources to develop a strong sense of self and personal determination in the world. At university in Cape Town she was pursued by the dynamic Namibian law student Anton Lubowski and eventually the young couple married.

They moved back to Namibia where Anton began working as a human rights lawyer and increasingly became politically active, throwing his leadership and loyalty behind the fight for Namibian independence from South Africa. Gabrielle, meanwhile, stayed at home with their two young children straddling the strange existence of living in Windhoek’s leafy suburbs whilst being shunned by most of its white residents who disapproved of Anton’s activities.

But there was another challenge that Gabrielle was forced to face: Anton was not being faithful. So she left him and returned to Cape Town for six important months to assess her life and marriage. Eventually she decided to return to Namibia on her own terms, to see what their future held as a couple. Her children missed their dad and Gabrielle and Anton’s relationship was still strong, they had always been the best of friends.

In 1989, shortly before Namibia’s first independent elections, Gabrielle got the phone call that would change her life forever. Anton had been assassinated outside their family home in Windhoek, and to this day his killers have not been found nor brought to justice.

For the next 20 years Gabrielle dedicated her life to Anton’s memory and to finding justice for him and their family.
A woman of great depth and insight, Gabrielle knew it was not healthy to be so solely focussed at the expense of developing her own life and future. To ignore ones needs and personal dreams, and to feel that without him you could not cope sufficiently in the world, even if you had another partner. But Gabrielle was stuck, and she knew it.

Gabrielle’s remarkable leap of faith occurred when she took action to live her own life, to let Anton go and chart her own personal journey in this world. Today she still seeks justice, but Gabrielle Lubowski is free. Don’t miss this fascinating and deeply moving episode.

Find out about Gabrielle’s work with the Anton Lubowski Educational Trust

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