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In the mid 1980’s Heather Mac and Tim Parr burst onto the South African music scene with their fellow band members as the band Ella Mental. It was a fresh and distinctive rock outfit with Heather as it’s lanky front-woman whose height, voice and quirky dress sense helped make the band instantly recognisable and a household name. With hits like ‘See Yourself’, ‘Pressure’ and ‘Magic Mother’ things were on the up and their future looked good.

Then they were spotted by an international music producer who represented some of the biggest names on the music scene. They signed up with him and left South Africa for Ireland to pursue their dreams. Heather and Tim married and looked to their future across the shores.

But as Heather had her first child and then her second it became harder and harder for her to balance being a mom with the life of a rock ‘n roll performer. The endless gigs, the hours in the studio and missing home terribly eventually made her overseas ‘adventure’ more of a challenge than a joy.

When Heather and Tim came back to South Africa for a visit she decided she would not return to Ireland and with that gave up her music career completely to provide a more solid base for her children.

Years passed and Heather even took on a corporate job for 12 years. The woman who’d once stood in front of thousands on stage belting out heartfelt tunes now suited-up and went mainstream. For years Heather lived this life until the call of her soul and the need to express herself through music was just too strong to ignore.

Almost two decades after stepping out of the limelight and now in her 50’s Heather took a huge leap of faith and decided to go back into music, recording her first solo album ‘Within’, released in March 2011.

In this episode you’ll understand the full story of Heather Mac. How her childhood years wove the trajectory of her life and her inner battles even at the height of her career. You’ll meet her new husband and family and come to understand what it took to leap back into her greatest calling and talent.

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