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Thirty three year old Capetonian Leigh Meinert has dedicated her life to making a difference, to creating entrepreneurs and future leaders in South Africa. True to form she has taken some major Leaps of Faith to do it!

Leigh knew from an early age what her life’s work would be. She wanted to affect social change and be part of a bright future for her country. So she started a youth leadership organisation at just 15, then left school to self-study and matriculated at 16. University followed where she studied leadership and then she entered the world of work as a project manager.

The work was interesting and secure, the pay was good and she did really well. The road to achievement and corporate success lay ahead, an alluring future in the mainstream.

But deep down Leigh knew she needed to take a Leap of Faith to truly live her dreams. So she made the decision to resign, giving up all her perks and security to face the future.

Leigh found out about a free university in Johannesberg and travelled there to learn all she could. When she returned to Cape Town the pieces of the puzzle slowly started coming together. She crossed paths with three like-minded souls, Gia Whitehead, Adri Marais and Graham Lashbrooke. Together they crafted a vision and built a remarkable private not for profit incubator of excellence – TSiBA - the Tertiary School in Business Administration.

TSiBA is a scholarship driven school of business administration, leadership and entrepreneurship. Founded in 2004 with a vision to ‘ignite opportunity’, TSiBA has so far awarded more than 1000 scholarships and some of its graduates have become Mandela Rhodes Fellows. It is a much talked about and truly exceptional place.

Don’t miss this wonderful episode teaching us the power of living your dreams and exploring the Leaps of Faith it took a gutsy young South African to realise hers.

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