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On the outside Lynn Witten looked like a serious and good child. But on the inside she was in turmoil. From the age of 5 she lived with a secret forced upon her by someone who should have been protecting her.

A close family member was sexually abusing Lynn and it went on into her early twenties. She never told anyone, fearing the consequences and believing that she would be called a liar. All she wanted to do was leave the community she grew up in, but she couldn’t until she had saved enough money to make her own way in the world.

In her teens Lynn attempted to tell her family but was shut down. A brave attempt to report her circumstances to Social Services also went nowhere. She was resolute than one day she would be free.

It took the birth of her daughter Stephanie, the death of her first husband and then meeting her second husband Quentin to teach Lynn the power of love. The birth of her second daughter deepened her experience of what warmth, togetherness and a loving family is all about.

With the scars of her past ever-present Lynn Witten made a decision to live and love again. To learn to trust, swim and dance. Meeting Lynn today you would never imagine her past. She is beautiful, self-assured and a teacher of life’s gifts. Her remarkable story is about the triumph of overcoming and of stepping into the fullness of life’s deepest purpose. Don’t miss this episode.

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