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Professor Jill Farrant is a pioneer in the field of plant molecular and cell biology. She hit world headlines with her research into ‘resurrection plants’; extraordinary drought resistant plants that magically ‘resurrect’ from a dried up, death-like state just 24 hours after being given even the tiniest drop of water.

Jill is trying to identify and replicate the genes that help these ‘resurrection plants’ defy death. She and her team at the University of Cape Town want to learn from nature’s wisdom and help provide food security to billions of impoverished people worldwide.

But few know that these ‘resurrection plants’ mirror Professor Jill Farrant’s personal story. Despite enormous academic and professional successes from an early age, Jill has battled alcoholism for most of her life. Her story speaks of addiction, hitting hot rock bottom, rehab and relapse. Somehow, however, Jill managed to turn her life around.

So what is it that resurrected Professor Jill Farrant? What Leaps of Faith did she take, transforming deeply and consistently and beating the odds? Today Jill has been sober for over 10 years, is in a loving & stable relationship and her career is flying.

This episode explores Jill’s professional and personal life. It delves into what made a bright young girl from a farm in Limpopo turn to drink and how as a functioning alcoholic she managed to pass all her exams, get a PHD and become acting head of a university department.

With a newfound lightness and purpose Jill is today more committed her research and students that ever before. And since taking a profound Leap of Faith is also the 2012 recipient of the L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award Africa, arguably the most prestigious award for women in science in the world today.

Join us on for a story illustrating the magnificent parallels of life and nature.

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