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All her life nurse Diana Motsisi, the woman known as South Africa’s ‘Lady Di’ had wanted a baby girl. She loved her three strapping sons yet still, each night, she prayed that she’d be blessed with a child whom she could dress up in feminine clothing and gift with dolls. Sure enough baby Mbali eventually came along.

So began a journey that saw Diana’s transformation from that which she had always wanted to that which she eventually came to accept. Diana received a letter from teenage Mbali to say that she believed she was not a girl, but a boy trapped in a woman’s body. Mbali, vice-head girl of her school and a popular child who had always been a tomboy, told Diana that if she could not accept this news she would take her life. Diana reeled but there was no turning back.

Facing community and family scorn, and with a courage born from a deep love for her child, Diana said goodbye to her daughter and welcomed home a son, openly supporting Mbali’s efforts to realign her gender and transform into Themba.

This beautiful story illustrates the power of a mothers love for her child and the magnificence of her refusal to abandon him. Diana’s journey of acceptance and leap into personal transformation will leave you deeply moved. In this episode you’ll also discover how Diana’s wish for a daughter eventually did come true.

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