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Mamela Nyamza is a woman who can teach us many things about dancing free. On the face of it this multi-award winning dancer and social commentator has it all. She’s a sought after solo performer, choreographer, mother and partner. But the road to today has not been easy.

In this episode you’ll journey with Mamela and those who know her as she shares her personal and professional unfolding. As seen by audiences around the world in her famous dance piece ‘Hatched’, and now face-to-face with our cameras, she describes the bold decisions and many Leaps of Faith she has taken to live true to herself and her art.

Mamela’s story from humble beginnings at the Zama Dance School in Gugulethu to life across the ocean and the grit and prestige of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Centre in New York, is feature film material. Her deeper story, from personal trauma as a young child to motherhood and finding true love takes us into a more private space. One from which her all her art emerges.

Don’t miss this magnificent woman in her pink tutu, defying the odds and challenging us to think about life and art in a whole new way.

Director/Camera: Miki Redelinghuys
Editor: Sara Dane
Mamela’s Profile Picture by: John Hog

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