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Tanya Schoeman always wanted to be a vet. Many years of study, specialisation overseas and hours spent working at veterinary practices in Johannesburg and Cape Town eventually made this dream come true. Tanya was always focused, on top of things and in control. And then there was Henk, the man who eventually became her husband, and who supported her vocational passion and the long hours she spent at work.

When she was in her mid-thirties Tanya and Henk moved to the Mother City and felt it was time to start a family. When Tanya eventually fell pregnant she knew it would be twins… a boy and a girl, whom they would call Luca and Maya.

And so it was, except that Luca and Maya almost died. In fact Luca did, and then miraculously came back to life. And Maya was born with a hole in her heart that miraculously healed.

This is the remarkable story of their survival after being born 3 months premature and weighing less than 1kg each. These miracle babies fought for their lives, each presenting with unique complications and challenges, in a touch-and-go battle against death.

Today Luca and Maya are 5. They are robust and delightful. Meeting them, one would never imagine the incredible journey they have been on, their radical fight for survival and the miracles that kept them alive. What lingers when one considers it all are the multiple Leaps of Faith that Tanya and Henk have taken as they almost lost and then regained the precious little people they love most.

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