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From the time she was little Lynne Crafford wanted to join the circus. To fly high on the big trapeze and feel the magic of the big top.

Her parents didn’t agree. They were much more comfortable with land-based pursuits like dancing and gymnastics. And so Lynne did just that, and she excelled. She was a natural performer, ‘born for the lamps’ they said.

She met and married a good man. Had two kids and started working as a receptionist - a job she remained in for over twenty years - all the while dancing and gymming and teaching both. Then Dirk got ill and Lynne nursed him for 12 long years until his cancer overcame him, left Lynne a widow and their children fatherless.

The journey took its emotional and physical toll. It was a tough road, one which saw her interests and pursuits taking a back seat as her ailing husband and children came first. But she always exercised, even alone in her kitchen with her dumbbells at 5am, long before her household awoke.

Alone in the world, and with the responsibility of bringing up her children, Lynne slowly started to venture out. She took up ballroom dancing and entered fitness performance competitions beating women years younger than her.

And then, at 55, she took a dream leap. She left her secure job to start a gym, with nothing. She called it AdrenaLynne Energetic Lifestyle Gym and seven years on she is still going strong.

Meet this wonderful and glitzy 63 year old who teaches 3 gym classes a day and can still do mean session on the dance floor.

Find out more about Lynne’s Crafford’s AdrenaLynne Energetic Lifestyle Gym

A warm thank you to Expressions Dance Studio for the use of use their venue in this episode.

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