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Jen Goy was always a bright child and on the face of it blessed with everything a girl could want. The oldest sibling with a loving family and plenty of opportunities at her fingertips, the future was something to look forward to. Academically Jen shone and was determined to become a doctor.

But few knew that from an early age she suffered from debilitating depression. Days off school weren’t fun in the least. They were spent unable to get out of bed, crippled by a chemical reality that was no fault of her own. For years Jen struggled with her mood but remarkably still achieved academic success. Eventually she entered medical school, and was always amongst the top of her class.

At one point after obtaining her BSC, things became too much and she dropped out changing to accountancy studies. Jen started therapy and began to unpack her life so far. Then, aged 32 and still determined to become a doctor, she returned to medical school. This time though, things spiralled down in a much more public way. Finally it led to a diagnosis.

Jen was told she had Bipolar Disorder Type 2: a chemical condition characterized by cyclical bouts of deep depression followed by an ability to function effectively.

Jen’s Leap of Faith was to risk telling people about her diagnosis and to hide no more. To accept herself and all that she is – the good, as well as the profoundly challenging.

With the desire to help others and weave together her interests in medicine and writing, Jen launched Thrive Magazine, a quarterly publication focusing on mental wellness. Thrive Magazine is the first publication of its kind in South Africa and one of only a few of its type in the world.

Don’t miss Jen’s story. It will touch and inspire you. Her ability to manage her life and thrive alongside her diagnosis is inspirational and offers truly meaningful lessons for us all.

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