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Director: Shameela Seedat

When Lucinda Evans walks through gang-infested Lavender Hill on Cape Town’s Cape Flats, everybody knows her name. People call her ‘That Woman’ and some gangsters are even scared of her.

She is the head of the local Community Policing Forum and founder of Philisa Abafazi Bethu, which provides emergency safe spaces and support services to survivors of domestic violence. They also offer skills programmes to children and older people in the community.

Stories about Lavender Hill hit the South African headlines regularly with local residents, including children, being killed or injured in gang crossfire. The unemployment rate is alarmingly high and domestic violence is the order of the day.

Lucinda Evans determined activist, and agitator, has her work cut out for her but is never deterred. Meet one of the most courageous women around, who takes daily Leaps of Faith and remains defiant that she and the good people of Lavender Hill will restore peace to the homes and streets of their community.

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