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Director: Zandile Tisani

Yang Zhao is the founder of the much talked about Cape Town dim sum emporium Beijing Opera. Her fascinating story leads us from communist China to Cape Town where she arrived as a bright but shy 12 year old, alone and without speaking a word of English.

Her parents, having endured the restrictions of Mao’s cultural and agrarian revolutions, wanted more for their daughter. The plan was for Yang to finish boarding school in South Africa and then to return home. At 32, 20 years later, she is still here.

In this very special story Yang shares the many challenges and Leaps of Faith she’s experienced on her journey so far, and what it took to forge a new life and sense of ‘home’ in a foreign land.

It’s a story about identity, passion, and of course, food. A tactile and spiritual adventure that will get your taste buds buzzing.

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