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Director: Miki Redelinghuys

Like most of us, Hayley McLellan didn’t understand the impact of plastic pollution on our planet. She was focused on working as a natural behaviour trainer with dolphins and sea mammals at Durban’s Sea World, with birds at the Umgeni Bird Park or as an online entrepreneur.

But slowly, as she began to see more and more marine life dying as a result of plastics pollution, her view of the world and our responsibility in it as its biggest polluters began to change.

With no backing and a big dream, Hayley launched ‘RETHINK THE BAG’, a public education campaign to change our behaviour around plastic.

Today, with her employer The Two Oceans Aquarium championing the programme, she is pushing ahead to get South Africa to follow Rwanda’s example and ban the bag!

Hayley engages with retailers, presents public talks to adults and children alike, and is involved with numerous other educational and advocacy programmes to awaken people to the effect of plastic pollution on animal life, our planet and ourselves.

Hayley’s passion to change people’s attitudes and behaviour is a big Leap, but she fervently believes it’s possible. Her inspirational story challenges all of us to take Leaps in our own lives for the good of our planet.

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