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For 26 years Marylin Saul was a top cop working in the South African Police Force. She had reached the level of captain, solving crime and helping an overburdened force deal with a pandemic of crime. Marylin was also one of South Africa’s first black female police captains, committed and respected but always feeling deep down that she was a square peg in a round hole.

Marylin cared deeply for the people she was serving, more so than the average cop. She would be taken to task by her superiors for going the extra mile. She would house people, make sure they were on their feet and pray with them. ‘Marylin’, her superiors said, ‘What you are doing is commendable but it is beyond the scope of your duty. Please stop’

Since she was a little girl Marylin had had a huge sensitivity to the plight of others. She felt their pain and wanted to do whatever she could to help. Some say that having a cop with this attitude is great, it means the job is done with heart and passion. It brings a human side to the harsh business of crime fighting. But for Marylin the job just didn’t give her enough scope to truly help people with their everyday lives and circumstances. As the decades wore on she felt more and more out of place.

And so, 26 years into her career, with a secure job, pension and benefits on her side, she stepped away from it all into the great unknown and started her own small community project and ministry. No more salary, no more car, no more anything, except her dream of helping others and living her deeper and truer calling.

Marylin is now known as Captain of the Domestics. Championing the cause and safety of domestic workers who are mistreated by employers or conned into shocking working contracts by unscrupulous labour brokers. She also runs a feeding scheme and does community talks on a range of topics.

She is a woman of enormous faith and courage. Modelling for us what her mother taught her as a little girl: That helping others is life’s greatest calling.

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