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For millennia, indigenous peoples have gone on walkabout as a chosen rite of passage and path of transformation. The American Indians, the Aboriginal peoples Australia and our own San people are just some with profound traditions that embrace the confronting power of wilderness, survival and self.

What then was it like for a fourty-something burnt out executive facilitator to leap solo into wilderness, mirroring this ancient rite with the sole purpose of getting out of her own way?

Judy Bekker did just this and she was terrified. She knew she’d be alone, facing her life head-on without shelter, food or company. She accepted that although the experience would challenge and possibly help heal her, her personal demons were an almost certain bedfellow. Despite this Judy embraced the process and leapt into a totally new experience of herself, benefitting from a changed internal landscape and new ways forward.

When it was over Judy committed to bringing Vision Quest to South Africa, daunted yet excited at the enormous responsibility of others’ transformation and personal safety in nature. She located it in the Groot Winterhoek mountains near Porterville in the Western Cape, the place where the San used to roam. Thousands have benefitted from the process and Judy’s life has never been the same.

This beautiful episode directed by the late, great Llewelyn Roderick, will take you on an inner journey through wilderness.

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