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Director: Nadine Cloete

Tarryn Tomlinson was on a fast track to a fabulous life when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis during her final year of school.

Confined to a wheelchair, she was forced to watch from the sidelines as her friends leapt into their post-school lives. Tarryn meanwhile, was in constant pain and had to rely on her family for support. She was also forced to negotiate the perils of South Africa’s infamous public health system.

However during her ‘downtime’ Tarryn began to explore the power of the mind to radically alter our reality and started to integrate the spiritual principles of manifesting into her life. Then she set herself an audacious goal: She would go to Italy and live there in the lap of luxury for a year.

People thought Tarryn was nuts. They pointed to her wheelchair, reminded her of her empty bank account and said, ‘It’s just not possible.’ Yet within a year Tarryn had made it happen, partnering with the universe and using the extraordinary power of her mind.

Join us for this amazing adventure, filled with leaps, surprises, coincidences, and a bunch of very famous people. Today Tarryn is a life coach, public speaker and founder of the Bambini Dream Foundation Trust which teaches kids from challenging environments on the outskirts of Cape Town that it is more than OK, in fact it’s mandatory, to dream.

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