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Most of us dream of finding a wonderful partner to share the rest of our lives with and Mary Monaghan was one of the lucky ones. Newly married and in love, the future with her new husband John seemed bright. A few years in to the marriage, however, she discovered that he was having an affair and the two agreed to give each other some space to sort things out.

John had never spent time on his own travelling abroad and Mary supported him to take three months out to travel in Australia, clear his head and establish the way forward for their relationship. The affair had ended, Mary and John loved one another and they were still very close friends. The future held possibility.

Mary said goodbye to John at Cape Town Airport … and never saw him again.

Months and years went by with no news or word from him. His family also had no idea where he was and the police and Interpol could not provide any clues. John had, quite simply, disappeared.

For six years Mary lived in limbo. She found herself in a no-man’s land of confusion, pain and self-doubt. The infamous Hitchhiker Mass Murderer was on the loose in Australia and Mary braced herself that John might have been one of his victims. Year after year she heard nothing.

Then one day she got a call from a family member who had discovered that John was alive. She gave Mary a phone number to call in Australia and Mary dialled determined to know what had happened to the past six years of her life and the man she had once loved.

This episode of I Am Woman Leap of Faith tells the story of what really happened. It explores Mary’s remarkable leaps of faith to get on with her life and do what she needed to build herself up into the successful person she is today, inside and out. She takes us on an honest and inspiring journey with great authenticity and warmth. Mary’s books ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Who Do You Belong To?’ are deeply touching chronicles of her experience.

Meeting Mary Monaghan today you would never imagine that this is her true-life story.

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