A top South African photographer journeys with breast cancer and becomes her own story, making profound choices for herself and those closest to her.

Airing 01 April 2012

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For years this author, poet, spiritual healer and activist focused on the problems of others and our national wellbeing. Now she was forced to face her own. Alone and afraid, her transformation was profound. ‘At last’, she says ‘I am truly free’.

Airing 22 April 2012

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A gay rights activist survives a shocking personal attack and makes a profound decision on how she will continue living the rest of her life.

Airing 08 April 2012

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One of South Africa’s first female Dutch Reformed Ministers.
Judith Kotze integrates her spirituality and her sexuality, finding an authentic space where she is spiritually whole, partnered and loved.

Airing 29 April 2012

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A record breaking free diver delves into her inner world, leaping deeper than ever before and realizing that life does not have to be lived alone.

Airing 15 April 2012

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When you’ve started successful businesses, been a champion sportsperson and lived on a desert island, what might your next leap be? Try leaping into vulnerability- unquestioningly Huenu’s most challenging adventure yet.

Airing 06 May 2012

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